Aujourd'hui, je donne carte blanche à Coco, fameuse "dentelière de perles".

Coco est toujours conceptrice des bijoux qu'elle crée.

La dentelle de perles ne frappe pas forcément les yeux à première vue, et il faut savoir l'apprivoiser du regard, prendre le temps de la regarder et d'admirer la finesse de ses détails, pour finalement pouvoir apprécier le travail d'ensemble et en aimer la beauté discrète.
Mais je n'en dirai pas plus, place à Coco qui a choisi pour nous ici sa photo et son texte, dont je n'ai pas changé une virgule :


Today, I want to give carte blanche to Coco, a talentuous "lace beader".

Coco is always designer of her jewelry.

Bead lace does not absolutely catch our eyes at first glance, you must take time to "tame" it while observing the delicacy of its details and eventually appreciate the whole work of it and its discreet beauty.
But I will not say more, and give way to Coco who chose for us here her photo and her text, which I am translating here as closely as I can :

"I like first of all the way a jewel displays itself around a neck or an arm, its movement, how it settles and invades space. Therefore, I use little ornament beads which appear to me as "smothering" form.
I have learnt beadweaving alone, following a car accident in 2002 which left me for a long time in a wheel chair. One had to live or die ! Internet became a precious tool. Then, some books have also been helpful.

Then, my encounter with Axelle on the Madbead Forum became determining. She has guided me to learn free-form. Not forgetting the encouragements of other beadworkers which are essential at the beginning to continue the adventure.

Then came my encounter with Cric who made me take my first steps in bead embroidery. I am far from mastering this technique but I apply myself.

I admire their respective work and their creative capacity.

Learning the techniques is essential to me : they are serving our imaginary world to help an idea materialize. Without their support, it is difficult to create.

I admire the work of Russian beadweavers. The "astmosphere" of the jewels deeply touches me.

I also like to touch other materials and never get discouraged."